Bringing the essence of Mother Nature to you!

We are local Santa Barbarians creating wonderfully smelling, all natural homemade soaps and body products.  We love to pamper ourselves with the best that mother nature has to offer so we believe you should too. We don't use any fragrances or chemicals in our products.  We use oils and crushed herbs in our soaps and body products that are beneficial to the skin and nourishing to the soul.  One smell and you'll understand:)  
Lisa, the better half of this local duo, has made soaps for years.  
We have had wonderful experiments of combining crushed herbs, flowers and essential oils and adding them to soap and bath products Lisa made.  

Never wanting to test on our furry buddy's, she enlisted her fuzzy boyfriend, now husband, to try many wonderful experiments. >>

Lisa, having rashes from normal soap bars, struggled to find a natural soap that was actually Natural. She found the fragrances often contained irritants and even petroleum that are really not good for your skin. Not finding any affordable options in this area, she decided to make a truly 100% natural product line at affordable prices so everyone could care for their bodies the way they should.

After perfecting some very special blends of herbs, flowers, and essential oils, and the support of family and friends Lisa is finally getting her beautiful creations out into the world.
Our idea is to keep this as local as possible. We believe the more local we can keep things like this, the more we can strengthen our own community, and lessen our impact on the world. 
We strive to find sustainable packaging ideas, and create all of our own packaging in house.  We print our own labels, and have wonderful friends like Molly Thomson creating our design like the great logo at the top of this page:)  We get our honey and bees wax from San Marcos Honey, and look to find more people that have great local pricing for the natural ingredients we use.  We grow some of our own herbs as well. 

About our Products

Our products are made with all natural purely vegan ingredients. Lisa has found great sources for wonderful Essential Oils.  We never use synthetic fragrance oils, meaning all of our soaps are only scented with finest essentials oils, herbs and spices. Our herbs and spices also come from local farmers, or our own garden,  when possible to insure only the finest ingredients in each product. We are always looking for local suppliers, so let us know if you can supply some of the ingredients we use.   We make everything fresh to guarantee the freshest possible scents for your pleasure.
If you would like to learn more about the soap making process, follow our How To
We have recently been featured in the Santa Barbara News Press, heres the article:)

Thank you so much for your interest! Feel free to email or call us with any questions, comments or requests! 
- Lisa and Mike Franklin



Our little piece of inspiration . . .

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